2 thoughts on “Cube Attractor 04

  1. george arnold

    hey, these images are quite beautiful, thAnks for posting and discussing. a question that i’m sure you are absolutely exhausted of answering- do you consider these to be works of art? this of course segues to the perhaps unanswerable question- what the hell is art anyway? thanks again, george arnold

    1. kp

      Yeah, the question “what is art” is so subjective and fought over I’m not going to get into that argument. Yeah, I feel OK saying some of these images are art. If someone says they aren’t, that’s fine. Their opinion is no more or less authoratative than mine. I’ve made prints of some and they look good on the wall. If that’s not art, what is? 😉 Most of the stuff here is generative in one way or the other. But some have been carefully crafted with code and tweaked parameters to arrive at a certain look, while others are simply happy surprises that looked good.


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