p = ecos(θ) – 2 cos(4 θ) + sin5(θ/12)

or in ActionScript:

var r:Number = Math.exp(Math.cos(i)) – 2 * Math.cos(i * 4) + Math.pow(Math.sin(i / 12), 5);

r = radius, θ = angle. Figure out the x and y from there.

Randomly scale, position, rotate. Coat with bevel and dropshadow. Bake at 350Ëš for 30 minutes. Serves 5.

Dug up in Computers and the Imagination by Clifford Pickover.

11 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. Willem Van den Broeck

    just a warning that the suggested temp of 350° is Fahrenheit. Don’t bake them at 350°C cause then you’re in for a treat. Believe me, i know.

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