5 thoughts on “Node Globe 2

  1. Corey

    Haha, very cool! Looks like you’re taking your own advice from a few posts down and flipped a maximum to a minimum. 🙂 Will node gardens ever get old? I think not!

  2. hebchop

    I like it too.

    Ever thought about producing these on a nice giclee print? Natzke takes the image data and dumps it into a PNG via AIR. I’ve tried this, but he does some kind of grid stitch to work around the maximum pixel dimensions for really big prints.

    I think this would look nice on somebody’s wall.

  3. kp

    Yes, I have seriously considered printing stuff and have the whole multi-bitmap stitching thing all worked out. Need to find a good printer. Anyone know of one?

  4. Willem Van den Broeck


    What beast of a machine did you render this on?

    I tried the nodes exercise from your book with 200 numParticles, and my new Mac Pro almost choked on it. But this is like a 1000, right?

    Great stuff, man. Thank you for this site. For me this is the most interesting side of Flash.

  5. kp

    Just a off the shelf, 1.5 year old Mac Book Pro. It’s actually 4000 particles. Takes a while to render though. You could never animate it in real time.


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