3 thoughts on “Spirals

  1. Willem Van den Broeck

    Just amazing.

    I was thinking the other day about doing something like Trapcode Form (for AE) in Flash (which is currently beyond my ability). This is really near that sort of thing.

    I hate to ask for code Keith, but could you discuss some global hints and tips on bit101, as to help us bootstrap.
    I know your book on AS3 animation inside out, but -even with that knowledge- i wouldn’t know where to start for making these beauties.

  2. kp

    Start with x, y, z point. Draw a gradient filled circle with some blend mode I forget now. Rotate a bit around various axes, change radius smoothly. Redraw. Repeat.

  3. kp

    Actually, don’t draw on each step. Just store them in an array, sort on z when done, then draw. So far ones are behind close ones.


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