Computers and the Imagination

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Computers and the Imagination: Visual Adventures Beyond the Edge

by Clifford Pickover

It’s a tough book to describe. All kinds of math, physics, fractal, science, computer related stuff in there. Pretty stream of consciousness. Some sample BASIC programs for some of the images. Discussions of off the wall topics. Some chapters consist of a single page presenting an odd idea. Others get into really complex formulas. But flip through it and you’re sure to have something click in your head. Several of the pieces here are based on, or inspired by stuff from this book. And a lot more in store.

I’ve renewed my library’s copy twice now, but just sprung for the 98 cent used copy on Amazon! I’m really not that cheap. I just ran across it in the library and haven’t been able to put it down. Went to Amazon and all they had were used copies. I could choose between “good condition” one being offered for $101.87, or the “very good condition” one for $0.98. 🙂

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