4 thoughts on “Linescape

  1. hebchop

    yes!! this is very nice.

    I know you don’t plan on posting any code, but I can’t keep from asking how you got here. How are you doing this? Perlin noise? Are you using a 3d lib?

    Please tell us more about your process!

  2. kp

    draw a series of line segments from left to right.
    make them bumpy with some algorithm.
    push it way out on the z axis.
    alter some parameter of the algorithm slightly.
    draw another series of line segments.
    push it not quite so far out on the z axis.

    the algorithms i’m using are just creating a bunch of random points and varying the height according to proximity of the points. that’s all changing dramatically from image to image as i try different things. perlin would work as well. or a fractal generator.

  3. Mike

    This reminds me of something I saw in a 3d animation class, where the various vertices of a flat plane where given y values taken from a geographic survey, essentially mapping the terrain. Much more practical then this, perhaps, but I think I much prefer these linescapes. They’re much neater, and designing the algorithms sounds fun. Might have to try it. Thanks for the inspiration!


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