12 thoughts on “Lissajous Webs

  1. Dr. Woohoo!

    i know, same here. my daughter really wanted to explore england because that was her first time there – and she really wanted to get back to school so she wouldn’t miss out on much. hehe. but i’m sure we will have plenty of opportunities in the next 6 months or so. 😉

  2. Willem

    These Lissajous are stunning. Coming from an audio background, i knew quite a lot about them already, but these are the most beautiful Lissajous i’ve ever seen.

    I hope this will be in your book, Keith. I really hope this will be in your new book. Cause it’s so fantastic.

  3. luke

    My god – these are truly beautiful… There’s something about them that makes me think of art nouveau ceramics.

    if someone could work out a way to use rapid-prototyping to produce ceramic-tiles featuring these designs I reckon people would pay good money for them. Well.. I would.

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