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  1. linus

    Very interesting.
    I understand this as soap bubbles? I tried to do something similar years ago in flash, but has serious troubles with the math. My main interest was in an architectural way, since the bubble configuration can be considered to deal with beam constructions if you connect them from each center point. If you for example pour your bubbles in a ‘vase’ shape and turn it upside down, you would have something very similar to the eiffel tower beam construction. To turn a gravitational expression upside down for a ‘force’ mould is not anything new, so it is a totally legit ‘support’ calculation. The gravitational expression and effect of a body downwards, is of course sometimes the optimal reversed support construction. The individual and collective behavior of the bubbles is also interesting. If you for example place a soap bubble on a three dimensional curve, like a bowl turned upside down, and if the bubble gets in contact with the flat part, it wants to creep to that flat surface, since the flat part represent a lower surface tension for the bubble. Bubbles can also be placed in an evolutionary algorithm paradigm for architecture, like growing etc. so i find this very interesting of course. This was years ago, but it was nice to be reminded, thanks!


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